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2019 Citroën DS - Start/Stop System Behavior

The start stop feature on my new Citroen C3 Aircross doesn’t always work but the most annoying thing is that when it does work it is not only the depressing of my clutch that restarts the engine, also unlocking my seatbelt or opening the door will immediately start the engine. Is this normal or is my dealer telling fibs.

It’s pining for the fjords.

Vanessa , this is basically a United States web site so there may not be anyone here that even knows what a Citroen looks like. You should be able to see another dealer for warranty problems.

I would assume that the characteristics of this feature is covered in the owners manual.

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I would think it’s normal. The manufacturer wouldn’t want to have people climbing out of their cars when it is on the auto-off. I guarantee you this is to prevent this from happening. It seems pretty rational that a clutch push would wake the system up also. There are a bunch of different parameters that these systems consider before turning “off.”

In France?

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Note: owner stated—[quote=“VanessaLord, post:1, topic:146898”]
opening the door will immediately start the engine.
The word used is STARTS the engine when door is opened. This can not be correct.

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Actually, if they’re sitting in the car with it ‘on’, but the engine ‘off’, I wouldn’t be surprised that the engine starts when they open the door in order to alert the driver that’s he’s leaving the car with it ‘on’.

I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t make sense of this message. I can’t start my '87 Toyota pickup unless I have declutched (pushed the clutch pedal in), I get a warning buzzer if I start it with the door open or the seat belt unused. I hope that nothing makes it start automatically - that would be dangerous. I suspect you have it backwards: it won’t start without the clutch pedal depressed or the seatbelt unlatched or the door open.

I considered buying a Mehari some 40 years ago.

OP indicated it has a manual transmission. I guess that would be a wake up call to have your car lurch forward when you open the door.

Maybe we can write off the post due to really poor French to English translation.