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2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Grandad pumps the brakes

My grandpa pumps his brakes on his BRAND NEW truck. He did it on the truck he just got did of. The thing wasn’t even 4 years old, and wasn’t even “broken in”. If he continues to pump his brakes every time he stops, how much damage will this do to the brakes?

None, it’s unnecessary but will not hurt the brakes.


It might be a good idea to explain to him that the ABS ( anti lock brake system ) is already doing that so pumping is not needed .

@GorehamJ — John , why did you remove your post . It was funny .

I was a bit concerned it was disrespectful. Not really my place to make fun of elders - since I’m well on my way to being in that club! Thx

I doubt it hurts anything. Just let granddad be grandad. It’s not worth arguing about.

Whitey , you are right it is probably not worth an argument . But it does make you wonder if the person has other wrong ideas that might make him unsafe on the road .


My question for @Micah17 - does his braking cause problems? Close calls? If not, then there’s likely little to be gained by bringing it up.

No, it doesn’t make me wonder. This is a mere eccentricity, not an unsafe behavior on its own.

He’s probably just an old retired truck driver who is misapplying something he learned a long time ago.

Maybe it is to get a flashing signal for braking, did you ever ask why?