2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - fuel economy drop

Prior to taking truck in for a rear bumper repair my 50 mile average and trip odometer was always around 16 mpg in town. When I picked my truck up the 50 mile average showed 11.3 mpg. I have 12000 miles on the truck. What happened?

50 miles is not enough to calculate your mpg average. if you are going by the gauge in your truck you can not get a accurate reading because it can be thrown off by your driving habits, hills, braking, traffic, how hard your pressing on the gas pedal and your speed driving those 50 miles. drive 50 miles on flat ground being light on the gas pedal will give you a different reading than driving 50 miles going up and down hills being more aggressive on the gas pedal.

I don’t understand the 50 mile part. You should reset all the read outs when you fill the fuel tank . Then you will know what you are actually getting . They may have disconnected the battery and everything will need to be started all over again.

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Your truck got poor fuel economy while it was in the shop and parking lot, sometimes they leave the engine running to charge the battery. Wasting a gallon of fuel at the shop lowered your average fuel economy. Your fuel economy display will return to normal shortly after some driving.


Thanks. It is returning to normal.

Thanks. I can reset destination or trip mileage but not the last 50 miles. When I dropped my truck off the last 50 miles mileage was 16 mpg and when I picked the truck it showed 11.3 mpg the last 50 miles. I thought I might have had an electrical problem. I picked up my truck and after driving for a while the last 50 mile mileage has returned to 15.7 and is going up. My truck had apparently sat idling at the dealer for about 25 min which pulled the average down. They never explained this to me. Thanks again for your answer.

I still don’t understand your 50 mile thing. You should be able to reset everything anytime you want . Destination is a GPS funtion not the average MPG or Average speed . Is this your first vehicle with those functions ?

Are you letting your fuel level get so low that your dash says 50 miles to empty ? If so that is not a good practice because that 50 miles to empty is not really that accurate . Most people never let there fuel level get below 1/4 tank.

Many cars (including mine) have a separate display on the menu that displays the average gas milage for the last 50 miles. There are separate displays for average overall mpg, instant mpg and mpg for trips.

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I’m good. My truck has a gauge that shows the mpg the LAST 50 MILES driven. I dropped off and it was showing 16 and when I picked up was showing 11.3. My truck had to have been idling for an extended period of time to drop the average mpg. Since I have started driving the truck again the mpg the last 50 miles has returned to normal; around 16 mpg. Thanks.

In this Model Chevrolet Silverado you can choose the display information and select the distance for the average mileage (Rolling Average)


I really can’t see any use for the average MPG for the last 50 miles . I do check the MPG at fillup to see how close the dash readout is . The miles to empty is more important to me .

The user can select between 50, 150 and 450 miles for the last average. Some people do find it useful.

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If you want to feel really good, get on a road with a 35-50 MPH speed limit, set your cruise control, then hit reset on your MPG, you will get a temporary great MPG reading. I have gotten temporary reading of >30 MPG on a truck that gets 17MPG.

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Sounds like OP has it solved, but another consideration is ambient temperature. You’ll generally get a little worse mpg when it is colder outside, how much depends on your typical trip duration. . The engine requires a richer mixture (i.e. more gas) until it warms up to full operating temperature.

Yes. Solved. Thanks for the additional info.