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2019 Cadillac XT4 oil loss

My 2019 XT4 has an oil loss problem check my oil 3000 miles after a oil change at the G M dealership was down a qt brought back to the dealer they say its a cam seal NO sign of a leak has 11 thousand miles I think it is more of a burning oil blowing by the rings problem … don’t make any sense that there is no spots on the floor ? my model is an XT4 For some reason its not listed ? that’s why I put the XT5

Doyle mean to say you checked the oil after driving 3000 miles and it was down one quart?

That should be covered under your warranty.


3000 miles per quart of oil? Perfectly normal, low oil consumption. You have no problem.


With only 11k on the odometer, the Powertrain Warranty is still in effect.
The OP should “allow” the dealership to perform the free repair work, and then he should resolve to check his oil on a regular basis, in between oil changes.


You should be checking the oil at least every 1000 miles.

Probably said that just to get you out of their hair.
A qt of leaked oil makes a pretty big mess.
Good luck having them find a leak.


OTOH, if the dealer pokes around often enough, it might be a lemon law return. Not that I think oil loss of 1 quart per 3000 miles is a good reason for a return, but if the dealer entertains this long enough, it probably doesn’t matter. They are the experts, and continuing to look for a problem implies there is one.

The verbiage might be different in the OP’s state, but in my state and at least a few others, the Lemon Law statute mentions only problems that materially affect the safety or drivability of the vehicle as being eligible for a Lemon Law buyback.

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What month and year did you buy this vehicle? It only has 11k miles and if purchased in say the fall of 2018 that means very sparse driving over 2.5 years. If the bulk or all of the driving is short hop city driving it’s possible there could be a ring issue developing if the engine hardly ever makes it to a normal operating temperature.

Running an engine chronically low on oil also exacerbates this problem.

This car uses a timing chain so I wonder how and why they even suggest a cam seal. The parts diagram does not even show this part existing although a chain cover seal leak is possible but that should be obvious.

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Yes. Oil consumption on the order of a quart every 3000 miles would not even qualify to get you to a Lemon Law hearing. And if it somehow did the arbitrator hearing the case would deny the claim.

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