2018 Toyota Tundra - why is the gas gauge showing empty?

gas gauge show empty but only 28 gal on a 38 gal tank. Toyota tells me that is normal. where are my other 10 gal?

The real question is why are you letting the gauge get that low in the first place.

The float for the fuel gauge may be sitting at the bottom of the gas tank when there’s ten gallons of gas left.


If he has 10 gallons left in the tank. It’s more a question of why is the fuel gauge that inaccurate? I’d ask around on the forums to see whether or not other Tundra owners are experiencing the same thing.

In the tank, where it always was. Some car and trucks have a larger “reserve” than others so you don’t run the tank dry and ruin the fuel pump.

Sounds like either the sending unit is not properly resistance calibrated to the gauge cluster… or there is a physical problem with the float.

When the tank is full, the float may be obstructed and held under and being prevented from floating on top of the actual fuel level… and thusly not reporting that last 10 gals.

It probably one or the other… either the float is obstructed (and properly reporting its level based on its actual float height) or its not obstructed and the cluster or send unit arent calibrated properly

Thats how i see it anyway…

The Toyota Tundra has 2 different size tanks depending on the trim level One is 26 gallons and one is 38 gallons . The dealer can check the VIN and see which one you actually have . The larger tank should only be on the two top level trims packages .

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