2018 Toyota Camry - Transmission braking

I use my automatic transmission to manualy shift sometimes when I need a higher RPM or to slow down before braking. Can I use the transmission to help me not damage my brakes coming down Mt. WASHINGTON. N.H. It is a long distance.and very steep.

My opinion and mine alone . Using the transmission to slow the vehicle when descending a steep mountain grade is a good idea . The rest of the times just use the brakes as you can buy a lot of brake pads for the price of a transmission.


Yes, you can use the transmission to help keep the speed from building too much running down a big hill. It will help keep your brakes from overheating.

Absolutely use the transmission to descend hills. It is much safer because if you overheat the brakes to the point of boiling the fluid, you will not be able to slow the car.

For normal stopping, not on a downgrade, Just use your brakes. As others have said, brake pads are cheap.