2018 Nissan X-Trail - water accumulated in the taillights

Bought an x trail december 2018 and i note water accumulation in both rear tail lights

When repaired under warranty, please post back what the dealer found was the cause. This should not happen on any new car.

@sudhir1, I notice you picked Nissan Rogue for your question but you mention an X-Trail. Is it also a 2018?

The X-Trail has never been offered for sale in The US. It is mechanically very similar to the Rogue, so I suppose that is why the OP selected Rogue from this site’s menu.

In any event, as others stated, this is a warranty issue, so you should take the vehicle back to the dealership for free repairs.

Understood, because we have gotten other X-Trail posts. I was also verifying the year for a reason, because, particularly with the international users, when their models don’t appear in the dropdown, they may also not have chosen the year of their own car.