2018 Nissan NV - Idling gadget

where I can buy extended idling gadget to extend idling for my car after it is shut off.

Never heard of such a device. Why do you want your engine to continue to run after you shut it off?

I know that some later model vehicles will automatically shut off if they are left idling for a certain time. But what this person wants I have no idea and it sounds like something that might void the warranty.

Additionally, it might run afoul of local laws limiting the amount of time that one can idle his/her engine.


Maybe what you want is a remote starter. Start it while locked and let it run. But I don’t understand why this is a good idea.

Ye, but the norm–as I recall with remote starters–is for them to allow a maximum of 15 minutes of idling before they shut the engine down. If–for some unfathomable reason–the OP’s goal is to idle his engine for more than 15 minutes, a remote starter won’t produce the desired result.

Yes with remote start, you can start it up and it will run for ten minutes and then shut off. You usually do that if it is below zero and want to warm it up first. At any rate if you don’t have it, it can be added at some expense but highly suggest it be a dealer project with a factory unit or trade cars.

If this has Nissan Connect then remote starting can be accomplished with the app. Runs for 10 minutes before shutting off.

@gil34 ---- How about returning to clarify what this ( Idling Gadget ) is and why you want one ?

OP is looking for a turbo timer. Back in the old days when coking turbos was a big concern, you’d install one, and it would keep the car running for a minute or so after you turned the key off, to let things cool down without you having to sit around waiting.

I’m unclear why one would be needed on a modern van that isn’t even turbocharged, however.