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2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Jeep dealer scratched my Jeep

I recently bought a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. I took it to the dealer who I bought the vehicle from for first service. Service department overfilled my oil capacity by 1 quart. Tire rotation was not done, however, details on invoice said it was done and I received a 3 foot long scratch on rear door and quarterpanel. I was very upset, to say the least. After speaking with both co-owners, it was determined that oil was overfilled. Technicians say they did do tire rotations, however, i know for a fact, it was not done. They did offer to redo the rotation and fix the scratch. My question is should i trust the dealer to service my brand new jeep? This jeep has been manufactured for over a year and these professionals didn’t even know how much oil to put in it. It is clear to me there is someone dishonest in the service department because they still claim they rotated the tires. And I got a 3 foot long scratch!! Should i find another shop to service my Jeep or try to do it myself?

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If there is another Jeep dealer go there. I am one of those that has all service done by the dealer during the warranty period. The overfill is just a mistake , we all make them . They are fixing the scratch so they are doing the right thing .

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Pretty extreme Jeep. Do you take it off-road?

It could be and you could be correct.

However, it could also be a careless act, as in, “We couldn’t care less about your expensive Jeep.”

There is more evidence given to support carelessness than there is to support being just a mistake.

Besides, the way I look at it is that, either way, the result is screwed up service.

Perhaps it wasn’t overfilled. It could be the correct amount of oil was put in, but in a rush, not enough of the old oil was drained out.

Did you notice a new filter installed?

Our Hyundai dealership put a nice dent in the door of the new to use Sonata (bought as CPO) when I went in for the first oil change. There were also oil stains on my driveway because they created a mess in the pan. I had them fix the dent and resorted to my usual practice of changing my own oils and keeping the receipts along with an excel spreadsheet.

Generally, I feel the oil change people at these dealerships are the lowest paid bunch and rushed to get cars through.