2018 Jeep Compass - which route gives better mileage?

I volunteer at our county’s wildlife conservation center three times a week. I can take the expressway (at 65 to 70 mph) or I can take surface streets with the attendant starts and stops. Either way is virtually equal in both driving time and duration. Which way would give me better gas mileage?


The only way your scenario is correct is if the highway route is longer than surface streets.

Why don’t you do your own test? Then you’d have data to confirm the answer instead of a bunch of folks on the internet giving you their opinions.

The only way I could answer that is to do each way in your vehicle for a week and check the actual fuel mileage with a pen and paper .

Aren’t driving time and duration exactly the same thing? And shouldn’t your goal to be to take the route that burns the least gas rather than the one that gets the best mileage.


The expressway route would reduce the wear and tear on various parts of your car, so that’s one consideration.