2018 Ford Escape - What issues?

Purdchasing a 2018 Ford Escape SEL and want to know the problems with this model.

Well if you are purchasing this vehicle then your question will be answered when something breaks . Until then just drive on.

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The most common problems with used 2018 Ford Escapes - CoPilot (copilotsearch.com)

The vehicle comes w/3 engine options. 2 are turbos, if reliability & cost of repairs is critical, suggest to avoid those two engines. For the third engine, not a turbo, 4 banger 2.5 L version, mechanicals look pretty good. Airbag issues of course, nothing new there, but only other problem seems to be with transmission-shifter cable bushing.

Vehicle seems to comes w/a lot of gadget-options apparently, and like most newer vehicle’s, some trouble noted with those. Infotainment, user interface, power-liftgate, blind-spot, cross-traffic alert systems, make sure your pre-purchase inspection includes those areas. You are getting a pre-purchase inspection by your own mechanic, right?

Some posts here about problematic Escapes as I recall, suggest to use the forum search feature to see what they say, link upper right this page.

Overall, I’d say that’s a pretty good choice, esp with the non-turbo engine.

Well, the first issue is that they are ugly… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The link suggests the four cyl has coolant leakage problems that can cause engine damage. So that rules out all three engines. Maybe a cautious case for a ford extended warranty, gulp.

The biggest issue is paying for a prepurchase inspection by a mechanic you trust. If you are buying the Escape from a dealer, don’t use them. It’s a little old to be a CPO car but if it is, get the independent inspection anyway. Even Consumer Reports recommends prepurchase inspection on CPO vehicles.