2018 Fiat 500X - Stalls

Car stalled on two occasions during left hand turns. Dealer says the engine will shut down if oil level is low to prevent damage. Car has 24,000 miles on the odometer, has had all oil changes per owners manual at dealership, and was purchased new. Never had this issue with other cars.

If the dealer is correct then you should check the oil level at least once a week before you start the vehicle. Add what ever it takes to put it back to full . If no more stalling then problem solved.


Your suggestion is appreciated but that’s like putting a bandaid on a major wound. The car has only 24,000 miles, the maintenance schedule has been followed and the car is still covered under factory warranty. The oil consumption indicates a serious issue with piston rings or maybe an oil pump? Waiting to correct the core issue may cause more damage. These symptoms can link to major repair bills after the warranty expires.

Off hand I don’t know what Fiat considers normal consumption, but most manufacturers say somewhere around 1000 mile/quart. That you got extremely lucky with not following the manufacturers recommendation to routinely check your oil does not apply to your current car.
If you ruin your engine due to running it with insufficient oil may well void your warranty.


Every car needs to have the oil checked regularly. Your comment about checking oil being a band aid is incorrect. Any one who has worked on internal combustion engines knows the importance and value of regular maintenance such as checking the oil. Maintaining the oil is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to get the maximum life out of an engine.

Page 448 / 449 from your owners manual.

Engine Oil
Checking Oil Level
To assure proper engine lubrication, the engine oil must
be maintained at the correct level. Check the oil level at
regular intervals, such as every fuel stop. The best time to
check the engine oil level is approximately five minutes
after a fully warmed engine is shut off.

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And yet people want to cheap out on this I will never understand why.


Your vehicle likely has this engine as it is basically the same as a Jeep Renegade.