2018 Audi A5 Cabriolet



And when you sold the house, the realtor was compensated from the proceeds of the sale received by the seller, not paid by the buyer. She seemed to be working for the buyer only because she didn’t want them to walk, she wanted the sale to go through.

Although the argument that the realtor is paid by the buyer is legitimate. It depends on whether or not you look at it as a percentage of the sales price, in which case the seller is typically considered the one who pays it. It’s also true that the seller is the one who signs the contract with the realtor to sell the house. That contract determines commission, subject to state statutes.

The negotiation process you describe is typical.


the money was taken out as part of the settlement after transfer from the buyer and before I got my check. Since the seller is customarily responsible for these fees unless otherwise negotiated, I consider it a reduction of my earnings. If you like, I paid 3.5% and so did the buyer to our respective brokers.


I love irony…



After reading all the comments here, it seems that my mind blows up for many issues in leasing. But, I have no choice as I need to lease a car for my work. It is so hard to understand car leasing when it is my first time and I have less idea mostly, in choosing the best car for me. I think I should increase and confirm the exact miles I needed in order for me to not be penalized at the end of the leasing. Also, some brokers introduced me about the wear and tear or the lease end protection program. Is it ok for me to get this program so that my leasing will be stress free at the end of the lease? Another thing, aside from Audi, what car is best to drive for a business woman like me. I love the Audi car because it is like a feminine type for me. Thanks all for your concerns and tips here!


Carol, if you are in business for your self then the lowest price lease is what you should do. I think you work out of your home so why do you need to impress anyone anyway?
The idea that there are cars for girls only is silly. You could actually buy a Kia Soul new for less then 20000.00 and have room to haul stuff in the back and would not have to worry about end of lease damage. Besides why would you want a large payment that eats up your profit? You really need to talk to someone close to you.


I absolutely, wholeheartedly, emphatically agree.
Those who call a car a “girls car” are wannabes. More often than not, after trying to belittle someone who just bought a new ‘girls car", they probably drive home in some worn out old piece of junk. One of the most fun cars on the road, universally hailed as such by auto critics, the Miata, was/is often called by the arrogant a "girls’ car".


Don’t buy an insurance policy for wear and tear or repairs. Estimate the miles you will drive by adding up your daily commute to the office, any business trips you make, and then personal mileage. If personal experience doesn’t give you the data, ask colleagues about it and use an internet map to determine distances. Maybe you should add 10% fo 20% to be conservative, unless you are confident about the mileage. You clearly like the Audi. If you can afford it and it represents your job well to your clients, then lease it. Your accountant can help you decide if you can afford it, and probably already has.

Edit: I want a chickmobile. What better to attract the interest of a young lady than having a car she notices? The rest is up to me. Of course, as a married man, I’m on a “diet” these days. That doesn’t make an I can’t read the menu, though.


You might check out Lexus(Toyota), Infinity(Nissan) or Acura(Honda) as alternatives to the Audi. Even Lincoln is a pretty upscale looking car these days.
Since long term reliability isn’t a worry here, though, and you like the Audi, go for it.

You didn’t mention what kind of business you’re in, but that would make it a bit easier(for me anyways) to recommend something for you to look at. If you’re taking clients out in your car something, roomy and comfortable would be needed more than if you’re just meeting a client somewhere/traveling to their residence.


People here have been using Realtor as if itis the same as real estate agent. It is not. A Realtor is a real estate agent that has joined the Professional Association of Realtors.

A real estate agent represents the seller and had a duty to get the seller the seal at the highest price. A buyer can hire a buyers agent who has a duty to get the deal with the fullest disclosure and the lowest erice. If a buyers agent is used, the two agents split the comission just like when one sellers agent sells another one’s listing.

As far as leasing goes, leasing is easy …and expensive.


As a matter of fact, the relative I mentioned IS a member of that association you mentioned

So it wasn’t me that was misusing terminology

But it doesn’t change the fact that she wasn’t . . . in my opinion . . . very successful in her career


It doesn’t matter. This isn’t a real estate forum or an English forum. We all know what we mean.