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2018 Acura RDX key fob problem

My car’s #2 key fob is dominant, so my car defaults to that fob when both keys are in the car. My husband has to stand 20 feet from the car until I start it with my key. Not a problem ordinarily, but we’re planning a cross-country trip and need both keys in case one is lost or not working.

I don’t know if this would work. Wrap one set of keys in aluminum foil.

Can you remove the battery from the key fob?


That’s what the dealer suggests, but they’ve never tried it. We’re going to test the aluminum foil today. When I had to exchange my I-Pass, I was instructed to wrap it inn foil so it didn’t register every toll between Wisconsin and Chicago. Thanks for the suggestion.

The dealer says I could remove the battery, but that it’s not easy and I could find myself far away with a non-functioning key fob. The dealer is stumped. They can’t understand why I would want both fobs in the car at the same time, but we’ve experienced the lost-key scenario and don’t want a repeat. Thanks for your suggestion.

I’m a little lost on why what key it thinks is dominant is an issue. You can still set the seat and mirrors to your settings by pressing the appropriate memory button. When my wife drives my TL, it sometimes picks up on my key, but she just hits memory-2 and everything’s configured for her.

I have a 2018 Acura RDX and have had several other Acuras with the same fob. When i am with my Wife, we have learned to have the driver approach the car first as the seat may adjust to the closer key fob. I believe the key fob recognizes the driver when the door is opened, or when it is close to the car We are often in a car with both key fobs.
Removing the battery is not difficult just remove the emergency key and pull the case apart. However you must have the buttons facing down or they will fall out.
I wonder if placing the fob in a glass jar with a lid would work. Maybe the dollar store has a small metal can.

If you unlock the car using the button on your fob as you both approach the car, does this avoid the issue?

I’d go the foil route or the small metal box (maybe an Altoids-type box?), not the battery removal. Maybe a foil-lined glasses case?

Anyone else feeling a greater fondness for their older, simpler vehicles?


Thanks for the suggestion. My Key fob #2 actually overrides the #1 setting unless the car has been turned on. We think it is a defect in the fob or in the way the fobs were initially programmed (by the salesman, since we’re older and technology challenged). When we discovered the issue, we found that my husband had to stand 20 feet from the car with the #2 fob until I have pushed the ignition button. We’re looking into small metal boxes or double layers of aluminum foil. I wish Acura would create a case for us travelers.

A foil-line glasses case is a great idea! Thanks for the hint.

I’ve got a 2016 RDX. Maybe just switch fobs so whoever you want to be dominant has the #2 fob. I’m #2 here and have noticed that I have to hit the unlock button most times so that the seat resets. Otherwise if I just open the door it doesn’t seem to recognize it’s me. Changing batteries is not that big a deal but you do have to crack the fob open. The instructions are semi in the CD, not the printed version, but you’ll have to do it sooner or later anyway when the battery gets weak.

I think Shadowfax has it . Just get in the vehicle and who ever is the driver just press the memory button for the seat settings. Our Volvo has a goofy thing that it moves to the last person’s key that drove so we just push the memory button .

If putting the fob into a metal box (or foil wrapped) doesn’t work, try grounding the box to the car. A short jumper wire from the metal box to an unpainted metal part of the car might do the job, like to the head of a screw that is screwed into the car’s chassis. It seems like just removing the battery might be easier though.

I dunno, I haven’t really paid that much attention to it and the wife usually has her fob in her purse so I’m not sure that there isn’t something a little screwy that the dealer should handle or maybe try a new dealer on your trip. At any rate, I think if you take the battery out and leave it out, you may get the annoying low battery warning on the dash. The other thing is I think if you just hit the driver 1 button, it’ll adjust the seat but I’m not sure if it will also recognize the driver 1 settings. There are different options such as lights staying on etc. that are programmed for each fob. annoying.

I miss the days of just plain, metal keys.

They always work, cheap to duplicate,and replace.

I’ve had more trouble out of my 2009’s key fobs than any other vehicle I’ve owned.

Ok, rant over. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t. I like being able to open the door on a cold winter day without searching through 8 pockets to figure out which one I absent-mindedly shoved my keys into, and I like not having to try to jam a key into a door lock that’s been iced shut.

Modern tech is great. :smiley:

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