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2017 Toyota Highlander - loses power

We will be driving down the highway and four separate times now what changing lanes to the left the engine totally looses power. Once we can get off the road and turn the car off, it will usually restart, except for the last time it took several attempts to restart before it would. The first few times no codes could be found by the dealership and they said we did not bring it in timely. And this last time my wife had a Big Rig on both sides and one behind her, only the angels saved her then … but the check engine light stayed on for a couple of days until we could get it in to the dealership. The diagnostic showed an engine miss and the technician assumed it may have been a fuel issue.
This is a serious issue and we are not sure why Toyota is not addressing it? Two of the times when I called the service department to let them know what happened I asked “Has anyone else reported similar issues …?”, and both times this question was met with a pause of silence and then something like “Well just bring it in and we will see if we can find the problem …”

If they did not resolve the issue, I would try a different dealership and elevate the problem to corporate. Instructions for elevating a complaint are in your owners manual.


Thank you, this is good information!

An “engine miss” isn’t a solution, it’s a problem. The next step is to find and implement a solution. If the tech thinks it’s a fuel problem he needs to test his hypothesis and perform a repair.

Yes, agreed. I called Toyota today and got the attention of the Dealer Service Dept. They will take another look. Thank you for the input.

Edward Brawner