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2017 Subaru Outback - Smells like antifreeze

Why is my 2017 Subaru out back smelling like burnt antifreeze. I take to dealer and they say they do not smell it . Even though they asked if car had overheated? Four trips to dealer for this problem and all they do is laugh about it, and have a tone like " I don’t know what you want me to find" Like I am bothering them.

I will let the mechanics here give you help on the possible issues, but your dealer experience sounds a lot like what Subaru owners reported at CarComplaints for the decade that Subaru’s were consuming oil. They got the brush off and “That’s normal” from dealers. Then Subaru settled a massive class action suit. Because it is not normal. Every Subaru model except BRZ and Ascent presently has a class action suit covering engines. The CVT-equipped cars also have class action suit settlements extending their warranties.

Has the dealer pressure tested the cooling system? Is there any loss of coolant (drop in the coolant tank level, checked in the morning before starting the engine)?

This may be a case where you kick the complaint “upstairs” to Subaru corporate. Your owners manual will tell how. Meanwhile keep a record of your contacts with the dealer and start keeping close track of changes in the coolant level. Does the car have a translucent coolant reservoir? Tape a ruler to it and start recording before each day’s first drive when the car has been driven the day before. Maybe also note how many miles it has been driven between measurements.