2017 Pacifica very intermittent front end shake during braking

This has occurred twice now in two months: under normal braking, the front end shudders violently. When I go to check it out (it has only happened when my wife was driving without me in the car), everything feels/sounds/looks normal. No unusual noise, shaking, or pulsing from the pedal while braking hard or otherwise.

She says she didn’t see the ABS light come on, but also says she might not have noticed, as she panicked a little each time. In one of these incidents, the shuddering while braking occurred each time she pressed the pedal over the course of 30 seconds before the condition cleared up on its own.

I haven’t had good experiences getting intermittent problems diagnosed in the past, so I’m hoping y’all can give me some ideas. Thanks!

Have someone check the brake rotor run-out.



She pressed the brake pedal for 30 sec? Long stop?

No, she pressed it once, let off when the car started shaking, then tried again 30 seconds later.

Wouldn’t run-out be detectable all the time? The shaking only occurs occasionally, and I tried my best to reproduce the problem with light, normal, and hard braking and didn’t notice anything.

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Agreed on the brake rotors probably being warped.

We have a 2012 Honda Odyssey that’s notorious for warping rotors. It does the exact same thing when braking, when the rotors need replacing.

It’s gotten to where we have to replace them every other year or so. I hate it, but the van is paid for and meets our needs otherwise.


Try braking at high speed.

Like exiting the freeway on an exit ramp.


The first thing to check with these symptoms is rotor run out. If it does turn out to be something different, them things can be checked easily while doing the run out procedure.

Thanks, everyone, for the info and advice.

I had more of a rumbling that might occur after driving a few hundred miles. Ended up being rusted rotors, it looked like they were bubbling up on the outer edge of the rotor.

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I would say if it feels normal most of the time then for some reason the ABS is activating . I would say you maybe having one of the wheel sensors starting to go or is getting very rusty and causing these intermittent ABS activations . Until it starts happening more often and you can show them so they can hook up their scanner and see which sensor doesnt look right when stopping you will probably be wasting your money . If it feels normal most of the time to me eliminates warped rotors . With warped rotors you will feel it all the time . Had a vehicle where the ABS would activate in the last 3 seconds of braking and it was a wheel sensor and they could see that on the scanner . They replaced it and never had another issue .