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2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - Warped rotors

Warped front brake disc, is this common in e class Mercedes?

No idea on a Mercedes. I will say I’d find it unusual to have warped rotors on a 2017 model anything.

How many miles? Did you buy it new or used?

One common possibility is improper lugnut torque. Are you getting the tires rotated on a regular basis by a reputable shop?

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A ham-handed tire tech could have improperly/unevenly torqued the lugnuts when the tires were rotated.

Brake rotors can warp for any number of reasons. Sticky calipers or caliper slides, hard braking, hill country, riding the brakes, etc, etc. It can happen to any car on the road not just Benz.

The thicker the brake rotor the less prone they are to warpage. The rotors on my Lincoln at near 300k miles are still original and without warpage go figure. They’re also about …030 of an inch thicker on each side of the cooling vanes than many rotors. Most rotors by the time they’re machined .030 total they’re at the MIN THICK level and must be discarded.