2017 Kia Sorento - Juice in my vents

PLEASE HELP! wasted juice in the vent that sits on top of my dash. Defroster(?) still works fine however, when I turn it on, it makes a sound of something sticky and hollow being pulled apart. What can I do?

Wasted juice?? I will assume you or your child spilled jiuce into your vents. There is a drain at the bottom of the system to let evaporative water escape. But, something is wrong. A mechanic can look inside with a scope to see what is there and what it is doing. Take it into your local shop and tell them what happened. Hopefully it won’t need to come apart. Good Luck

I wish I could blame it on my child. Nope, that was all me…lol. I’m sure that is what I’ll have to end up doing. I called Kia and they said they’d need to do a diagnostic first and that was pricey especially when, I told them exactly what the issue is and you can hear exactly what I describe. I just don’t want a small problem that isn’t costly to turn into something large and expensive when it doesn’t have to be.


If it needs to be expensive it will. If the fix is cheap, it will be as long as you shop is trustworthy. If the shop isn’t trustworthy, why go there?

Another point… if you think the diagnostic fee is pricey, the cost of guessing at the problem is far more costly.