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2017 Kia Optima - Range

I put gas in my car and it read 388 miles fuel range. I drove 4.5 miles to home and it read 377. Started my car up for work this morning and it read 376. This is the second time this has happened and will be the second time i am taking it to the dealership. What could be the problem?

That miles to empty will adjust itself all the time . It uses current fuel usage and is not a NASA type instrument. Is this your first vehicle with readouts ? Save yourself a trip to the dealer , you do not have a problem.


The problem is that you are expecting accuracy from a device that cannot provide it. There is nothing wrong with the fuel range device.

It calculates the range based on how you are driving right now as well as the last few minutes and the last few hours. It isn’t NOT accurate even to 22 miles unless you are driving consistently for a long time.

This is completely normal.


A watch from the Dollar Tree is more of a precision instrument that this.

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