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2017 Jeep Cherokee - Gauges

Just read your article about tire pressure gauges. I have a 2017 Cherokee, which displays tire pressure on my dash. Can I trust it?
Thanks have been enjoying your articles for years. When totally bored, I have listened to your radio show

Yes, you can trust it as long as you check the dash and then check the pressures with a good manual gauge. As long as they match, and they should, use the dash display.

Wow ! A compliment and criticism in one sentence.

Given that there can be variances in readings between different manual gauges, I would recommend buying a quality manual gauge, have the tire pressures adjusted at a place like Les Schwab, check the air pressure via the car’s dash display, then immediately check the pressure in the tires using the manual gauge. If there’s a difference you will know if, for instance, the tire shop says 30 psi, the dash says 28 psi and the manual gauge says 32 psi, you can fairly accurately adjust the tire pressures at home. I would also recommend buying a small compressor you can keep at home to add air to the tires when you need to.

They are generally accurate to within 1-2 lbs high or low .