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2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport oil change interval

How often should I change oil?
Dealer says 3000 miles or 3 months; owners manual says go by maint. sked. your advice.
Thank you…Pat

Follow the owners manual for time/mileage maintenance. Seems the dealer is just looking for a little more profit.
While under warranty I prefer to have service performed at a dealership.

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Opinions vary widely on this. Whenever opinions vary it’s safe to use intervals in owners manual. The problem is that the manual usually has different intervals for specific driving habits. Before you wait 10,000 miles to do an oil change you better be sure your doing most or all of your driving at highway. Even then, the manual may say it’s okay to wait 10,000 miles for an oil change, but when you go to sell the car and are asked how often do you change oil, it won’t be a good selling point. Changing oil too often is never a bad thing. For that reason, many people just stick to 3000. I personally think 3000 is too soon UNLESS you do most of your driving in city driving and or short drives all the time. But when you sell the car it sounds better to have 3000 mile intervals

Just how often does someone ask that question ? Very seldom I think and why would someone expect to get an honest answer anyway.

3000 is too short with modern oils. Use the severe duty schedule in your owners manual and always use the grade and type of oil listed in the manual. Accept nothing less.