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2017 Hyundai Elantra - Headlight indicator

headlight indicator on. all lights working
What is it?

If it’s the green indicator light, it’s simply telling you that you headlights are on.

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If it is a blue indicator light, it means your high beams are on and upsetting every driver around you. Open your owners manual and find out how to turn them off.

Found it!! Indicator was yellow-headlamp. We checked alll of the lights, blinkers…
Later our lightbulb went off in our heads-the brake light in the back window!!! Both of us are so old school neither of us thought about it- don’t like em- old school that way!!
But yay!!! Thx!

You don’t like the Third High Center Brake Light ! That is one of those mandated safety features that have a real world benefit . It works because in traffic it can be seen activating on a vehicle that is several vehicles ahead of you . And sometimes it is the brake light noticed first .

I’m suuuuper light sensitive. Sometimes having that light on is too much for my eyes. sometimes it’s actually painful if it’s too big, positioned too high, or I’m tired. But I am glad it works & I get why it’s there. I don’t have to like it All of the time.