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2017 GMC All Terrain Transmission vibration

New 2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain has an annoying vibration at 1500-1600 RPMs regardless of gear selection. Accelerate or decelerate and it goes away. Dealer says it, “Performs as designed”. I don’t accept that.

If this is taking place in every gear range, I think it is likely that the vibration is coming from something other than the transmission.

If you rev the engine while the vehicle is stationary, do you feel the vibration?
If you throw the trans into neutral while driving, do you still feel the vibration?

Dealers’ service departments that use the old “they all do that” line can be very frustrating to deal with. Why not visit another GMC dealer, and take a test drive in another new Terrain of the same trim line as yours? More than likely, it will not exhibit that vibration. If it does, then…maybe…the folks at the first dealership are correct–although I strongly doubt it.

If you find that other, similar Terrains do not have this vibration, then I would suggest that you contact GM Customer Service, via the toll-free phone number that you can find in your Owner’s Manual. These folks can schedule a visit by GM’s regional representative for evaluation of your vehicle, and those reps can usually convince a recalcitrant dealer’s service department to do the right thing.

You didn’t actually ask a question. What would you like to know?

Are you driving in ECO mode? My 2013 Equinox 2.4 4 cyl transmission would stay in a higher gear to the point the engine would be lugging due to low rpm

After I stopped driving in ECO mode the transmission operation was much smoother and the driveability was much improved. Overall I lost about 0.5 mpg in normal driving.

Ed B.

I’ll bet that @sam291 would like to know what to do to get the vibration problem resolved…
… You know, like the kind of responses he/she is getting (except yours and mine, so far).


Any way of describing the vibration in terms of location? Can you feel it in the steering wheel, seat, or see anything jiggling?

How about sound? Any discernible sound or difference in normal sounds while in the vibration range?

Hey, I’m not a mind reader, ya know! :grin:

Didn’t know if the poster wanted the name of a good lawyer, Mary Barra’s email, the best way to arson the car, or the just here to rant.




Hust get pulsating sound as if a window is slightly open

Just read Edmunds review - Glad I leased mine so I can dump it in 3 yrs and not take a beating on a trade.

I was going to suggest the GM Forums but I guess the problem is worse than that.


After reading that info, it appears that GM has reverted to its practice of the '70s, '80s, and '90s of using consumers to do their reliability/durability testing. Just when I thought that GM had learned its lessons from their past practices that turned-off millions of customers, I guess that…maybe they didn’t.

This is a nearly a brand new vehicle which may have a manufacturer’s design problem. And the manufacturer may well not be able to solve it. Given that, ask both the dealership and manufacturer in writing to let you trade the Arcadia for a different vehicle from the lot. If there is a difference in the manufacturer’s suggested price, you’ll pay if it is more expensive, or if you trade to a lower priced vehicle, they’ll refund the difference to you. They may not agree to this idea, but you’ll have your demand in writing on what you consider a fair resolution of the problem. I think most courts also would consider that proposal fair. Having this is writing may give you some leverage later.

Yep, first thing that came to mind was AFM. Now, how to defeat that mode?

I really liked by 2014 Acadia SLT 2 and thought I’d try the new smaller version. No comparison!!!