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2017 Ford F-150 - Lemon title

I am looking to buy a 2017 F-150 pick-up truck from a Ford dealership. It is a Lariat full loaded. It has 66,000 miles and they are asking around 30,000. The problem, it has a lemon title. Is this truck worth what they are asking and what risk do I assume if I guy the truck?

What is a lemon title ? I know what a salvage title is but either way why would you even consider this thing . As for is it worth it , it may be where ever you are located . If you really are worried about risk then lower you sights and find a new truck with warranty that fits your budget.

I just checked a Ford dealer near me and they had a 2020 F-150 XLT Texas Edition on the web site for 33000.00.

If lemon title means it was repurchased by Ford as a lemon, why would you consider it?

Run Craig! Run away from this truck. Run far, run fast.

Like you, I have never before heard that term.


I’ve never heard of this type of title, but I certainly wouldn’t buy such a car.

Have you made sure that it can be insured?

Drop a zero off the price and I might be interested. $30k for a branded lemon? No way.

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The problem was a linking left strut that has been fixed.

Ask yourself this- if it was such an easy fix, why did they buy it back as a lemon?


The strut would have been a safety issues but I should be able to see if it is still leaking.


So what? Lots of repairs are safety issues. The fact they couldn’t fix it in 3 attempts or the owner was without the truck for XX days. Something larger was wrong for them to take the financial hit and buy it back. Now they are looking for the next victim I mean owner to suck up some of their loss. You seem bent on buying it so no sense discussing further. I hope you have good luck with it…

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I find it interesting that the truck has 66,000 miles. That is 22,000 miles a year. It seems that the truck has a problem and the dealer couldn’t fix it after three years or 66,000 miles. I think this truck is loaded–loaded with problems. I don’t think a person could even buy an extended warranty for this truck.
If you could trace down the former owner and have a conversation with that person, I’ll bet you would get an earful.
There are better vehicles you can buy for $30,000.

Thanks. I appreciate your comment.

That price is very high. I found over 100 F-150s, 2017 or newer, 60,000 miles or less, $30,000 or less, within 50 miles of me. Many were 2019, a few 2020. Two were Lariat crew cabs, eight if I bumped the price to $32,000. Why pay that much for a truck with a red flag?


Thanks for the comment. And I agree

How do you know that it was just a strut problem? Sure, the dealer told you that, it is it all there is to the lemon title, and why did it take the dealer so long to find it? If you can get satisfactory answers to these questions, it might be worth a very long test drive; maybe a weekend with the truck. They aren’t trying to sell it as a new truck anymore. A couple hundred extra miles should not be a problem for them.

I had a 1987 Taurus that I almost returned under the lemon law. It sat on the new car lot too long and the seals in the AC compressor dried out, causing a leak. The dealer did such a poor job of analyzing the problem and dealing with it that I almost got a new car out of it. It is possible they are just too dense to suss out the strut problem, as my dealer was unable to just replace the compressor as they did on my last visit.

Like the rest of the guys, I’m skeptical of this deal too. If the discount is large enough, it might be worth driving it for a couple-a-three days to see if there are any problems that might come up. Also check to see what the lemon disclosure requirements are in your state. If they don’t have to disclose everything, you are taking a big chance.

A truck with a lemon-buyback title for roughly the same price as one with no known problems, and a clean title history? I had to double-check my calendar to see if I had somehow lost two weeks, and today was April Fool’s Day. That’s how much of a joke this is!

Seriously, a vehicle with a salvage/rebuilt/reconstructed title, or one with a past manufacturer’s buyback is worth approximately half what it would have been worth with a clean title history. This dealer is selling it for roughly the same price as a similar vehicle with a clean title history. It’s way overpriced for what it is. If you really want this truck–which I would not–I would offer no more than $15k for it. If they laugh then I’d take my business elsewhere, and the joke is on them.


Craig , are you going to pass on this vehicle ? If so the web can let you search vehicles listed for as far away as you are willing to travel .

Yes. I am going to pass on this vehicle.