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2017 ford expedition trottle body

So I have a 2017 expedition king ranch . two days ago going to get on highway it goes into limp mode. again it did it later in the day. It has 2k miles towed it under ford to dealer. I had read previously about explorers with this problem. Well I can tell you first hand they just replaced the throttle body on it. So ford still has a problem and now its in the new expedition. FYI

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Based on my recent research published here at CarTalk, I think the answer, sadly, is “yes.” Here is what I found. Not same Ford model, but in my research, I found many Ford’s with throttle body issues. Is it an EcoBoost 3.5?

I think it’s 5.4

Sincere thanks for the “heads up”.
I take it yours is fixed now?

yes fixed today it’s not a good thing when you exiting on a highway and it goes into limp mode

Eco boost v6 expedition? No. Coworker has newer turbo fusion. He did not know it had a turbo. What’s that he said?

It’s probably an electronic drive by wire throttle system, and for safety reasons they have to have a lot of checks in place to make sure it is responding to the computer control. Otherwise you could end up with an out of control throttle problem. Yours probably failed a command/response test, and so it automatically goes into limp mode to keep you safe. But slow.

One of the compromises of having a lot of gizmos and gadgets on cars these days. There’s good things those gadgets and gizmos provide, but reliability can suffer as the complexity increases.