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2017 Ford Escape - Fuel cleaner or taken to the cleaners?

I took my 2017 Ford Escape to the dealership for an oil change. The car had just passed the 30,000 mile mark. They told me I was due for a change in the air filter and cabin air filter as well as a cleaning of the fuel system. The fuel system cleaning was just under $250.00. I opted not to have them perform any of these items. So I went to the parts store and got an air filter, watched the youtube video and went to change the air filter. The appearance of the airfilter was that it was still very clean. So my questions are:

  1. Are cars/air filters different now and should change it anyway?
  2. Do the dealers even look at the filter before recommending changing it?
  3. When should I have the fuel system cleaned - or should I just start regularly using the texktron stuff I read about on the forums?

BTW - the air filter from the auto parts store was just a tiny bit bigger than the one that was in the car so I couldn’t get the cover on with that air filter and had to put the old one back in.

The air filter is usually recommended for change based on a mileage basis, usually without an inspection. To insure that you get a correct air filter, I would suggest getting one from the dealer. Forget the fuel system cleaning, or even adding Techron. If your car is running ok, you don’t need it. Just use “top tier” gas.

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I would certainly replace the cabin filter and the air filter at 30K miles. They are 2 different things, installed in 2 different places.

I would ignore the fuel system flush as @old_mopar_guy suggested. Just don’t use cheap gas and you should be OK.

Cabin air filters are inexpensive, and in many vehicles, easy to change by yourself (here’s some info). The idea that a two-model-year-old vehicle would need a fuel system flush not specifically listed in the owner’s manual seems like highway robbery.

If this car is on the original air filter, then it should definitely be changed. Make sure you get the correct one. For the 2017 Escape there are two possible air filter types. The N/A 2.5L I4 has one type and the Ecoboost engines have a the 2nd type (both the 1.5L Ecoboost and 2.0L Ecoboost use the same kind of air filter). If you bought the wrong type of air filter it won’t fit inside the airbox. Also with some vehicles it’s a very tight fit.

If this car is on the original cabin filter (which not the same thing as the engine air filter) then it should definitely be changed. Every 15k-20k miles is pretty good figure for replacement intervals for the cabin filter. I replace mine every spring.

Skip the fuel system cleaning