2016 Volkswagen Jetta - Diesel cost

Why did manufacturers raise the cost of diesel so much when they started making low sulfur content diesel. Diesel used to be priced close to regular gasoline, now it is priced close to high test. Note: low sulfur diesel in the UK is still priced close to regular gasoline.

Diesel may be priced closer to regular gas in the UK, but regular gas is also a lot more expensive in the UK. So is diesel. The US diesel tax is 6 cents higher per gallon than gas, whereas in the UK both diesel and gas are taxed at the same rate, which partially explains the larger price disparity.


Yep, taxes are huge in UK, so pump prices being equal doesn’t mean much. It does cost more to create low sulfur diesel, no surprise the cost went up.

And diesel is about the same as regular in the Dallas area.

Low Sulfur Diesel around here ( Northern OK) is 50 cents cheaper per gallon than Premium gas. Around 2.28 with regular unleaded at 1.80ish and Premium gas at 2.78

ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) has been the norm for quite some time, and the price of diesel is tied to much more than that. Diesel is just about the same as the heating oil still used in many homes so price fluctuations are tied to the weather and heating demands.

Also swings in the economy affect the trucking industry. By that I mean everything in your house, kitchen, etc was brought to you by a diesel truck or train. Producers and retailers will charge what the market will bear for a gallon of diesel.

More to the point, we’re really talking about pennies here, aren’t we? If you do the math and figure what exactly the price difference is on a monthly or yearly basis it’s not a significant amount.