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2016 Toyota Tacoma - Speedos do not agree

Intermittent issue with digital vs. analog speedo varying considerably. Can show 26 on the digital, while showing 40 on the analog, and even the opposite, with different speeds.
Very odd! Not sure which one to trust.

I don’t know, but would guess both are computer driven, rather than mechanical. May require a dealer to repair. Use your phone or a stand alone GPS to check your speed.

You didn’t change the tire size, right?

That is about the difference between kilometers and miles. I have never seen a vehicle with two speedometers, do you mean you can toggle between analog and digital readouts? First determine if one of them is metric. Then on a road with mile markers , it should tale one minute to go one mile at 60 mph.


You have a secondary digital readout between the speedometer and the tachometer, right? It sounds like the truck is toggling between mph and kph. If you’re in the US, in the short term trust the lower number as it will be miles. Longer term, but soon, have the dealer’s shop look at it because something is clearly wrong. I doubt this is a user setting.