2016 subaru outback auto start stop

Bought 2016 subaru outback 2nd hand from the dealer. The auto stop function only lasted a few seconds before restart again, it is annoying. Does anyone know what is wrong with it. I had no air-conditioning running, weather is 25 degrees.

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The auto start/stop requires a battery in top condition, have your battery load tested.

How long ago did you buy it? If it hasn’t been more than a few weeks, take it back to the dealer that sold it to you and ask them. You might get it fixed for free if you just bought it from them. If they tell you nothing is wrong, at least you have a record of contacting them. Make sure you get a receipt that gives the reason for the visit if you go. That’s your record of telling them, just in case there really is something wrong with the auto start/stop feature.

Is this your first vehicle with it?

Few tips. If you partially release pressure your brakes it will restart the car. Also if move the steering wheel slightly it will restart the car.

No idea if these actions are causing it.

I don’t see the auto start/stop feature listed for the Outback, which engine has auto start/stop?

Only a few days ago. It was working for the first 3 days. And on the 4th day, it only stopped for 5 to 8 seconds

Yes, my first subaru outback. I don’t think any of theses actions caused this

It is 2016 outback premium 2.5 l

You said it’s 25F where you are. I imagine that means you are using the heat. Try driving around your neighborhood and switch off the heat and fan, then try stopping the car. Does reducing the load on the power system make the stop/start system function as you think it should?

She just said 25, I’m geussing 25C which is about 77F

Could be, and that would mean she is likely outside the USA. I don’t know anyone outside work that uses Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

thanis for all the rel

Thanks for all the reply. I am in Australia. Brought the car to the dealer today and had a battery check, it was charged up 33%. That could be the reason why. Battery itself is 85%. They asked me to drive more. This auto stop start function is bit annoying anyway, I don’t think it would save much petrol, it is more for the environment.

I was being my pedestrian self the other day, crossing a 6 lane highway with a bmw arriving at the stoplight in the right hand turn lane, needing to pause a few seconds for me to scoot by before the bmw turns right. I heard the beemer’s engine shut-off as it stopped, then less than a second later, it started up again … lol …

I tiny ancient ant responsible for creating hydrocarbons in that BMW tank was spared… for few seconds.
A dozen of his relatives responsible for energy needed for additional start/stop hardware and software were spent.
Another day in “who is right and who is wrong” saga.

To the best of my knowledge, Outbacks built in the US don’t have that feature.