2016 Kia Sorento - Oil change frequency

Bought new, has 19,00mi. Have been changing oil(Kia Premium)& filter every 6 mos.Last 2 yrs 6 mo avg has been about 800 mi.Will remain that for here on out, I’m 89. Live in Phoenix AZ, temp gets 112+ in summer. Have read manual & it states oil change every 7,500mi or 1 yr.
QUES: Should I continue changing oil/filter every 6 mos with such low mileage driving OR due to high temperatures in Phoenix should I continue to chg it every 6 mos regardless of mileage

If it was mine with that low mileage I would change every 12 months . But you need to do whatever lets you not worry about the oil changes .

Also if these are the original tires you should check for side wall cracks due to the heat. Sometimes tires need replaced because of age that still have plenty of thread.

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THAT is the answer… The engineers who designed the car wrote that in the manual for you to follow. You can certainly change it MORE often, but why?

Agree with @VOLVO-V70 about the tires. I’d worry more about that than the oil. They are 4 years old now and have been losing traction every year. I’d replace them at 5 years no matter how much tread is left. At that point they will be harder than Arizona asphalt on a 100 degree day and slicker than ice when it rains.

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