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2016 Jeep Renegade - Speaking in code words

what does “low RTE” on the instrument panel mean?

It means that you need to get your owners manual out and look-up what that alert means

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Low Range to Empty - you are running out of gas, add some. That will be in your owners manual and I found it on Google.

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I guess Jeep didn’t know that Miles to Empty isn’t actually copyrighted by anyone and they could’ve used that instead??? :man_facepalming:


It’s a “Jeep Thing” that we mere mortals just can’t understand! :rofl:


That car is probably sold in areas where km is the standard measure of distance. Simpler to just have one display for “range”. I’d have probably phrased it DTE for “distance”, but maybe that term is used for something else. In any event, sounds like the issue is resolved.

What i didn’t like about the Jeeps is that every time you started it, you had to acknowledge that you intended to obey the traffic laws etc. Got a little irritating. They could have also listed an explanation of the common abbreviations to also acknowledge. Then lo and behold, my Acura comes up with a similar message every time you start it-but it goes away in a few seconds if you ignore it. Must be some kind of a regulation someplace but I’d still like the opportunity to say “no”, I don’t intend to drive safely and see if it stalls or not.

I remember when I first rented a Renegade and used the parking brake. I had to find the manual to figure out how to get the dang thing off. Nothing to pull. Turned out it was something like step on the brake or the gas and it comes off. Who woulda thought?

I wonder what the time difference is between looking in the manual and creating an account and posting the question.


Me too! along with you can change the display to show approximate miles to empty!


It seems that we now live in a world where people use indirect approaches that are more time-consuming, rather than just doing what would have seemed obvious to people in years past.

As but one example, a few years ago, two girls in New Zealand or Australia decided to explore the large storm sewer system underneath their town, and they became totally lost. Instead of using their cellphone to phone the local equivalent of 9-1-1, they used their phone to update their status on Facebook to announce that they were lost!!
Luckily, someone did see that posting several hours later, and he/she phoned the cops.

Why didn’t those girls phone the police themselves, rather than using a more time-consuming, much less direct approach to resolving their problem? I wish that I knew the answer to that conundrum.

Quite so. Prime example: all the time spent texting, when a phone call and maybe leaving a message or a voicemail does the job better and faster.

On a local board in my state, there are an incredible number of newbies who register for the site in order to ask questions like, “How do I renew my driver’s license?”, and “What does xxxxxx township charge for a construction license?”

I will grant that government phone numbers may not always be rapidly responsive, but the amount of misinformation that is possible–from anonymous folks with unknown agendas–makes it seem (IMHO) that taking advice from strangers, and assuming it to be authoritative, can be… potentially dangerous.

The thing is here though after some years, you tend to know who to rely on for advice. Newbies though I guess wouldn’t benefit from that though. I guess I kinda maybe do the same thing just to get some background or ideas before contacting the official office. I was about to ask the Sheriff on Sunday what the best way was to dispose of a bunch of old ammo, but reading some of the on-line comments, I decided not to and will just go another route. I know I trust him but too many reported being raided trying to do the right thing.

I do not mind doing a quick gooble search, to find an answer for a question. People helping people, does not make me feel like I lost 2 minutes of my life, “RTFM” gawd why not ask, sure one could go through 138 pages of how to use a seat belt, but someone has a quick answer for a simple question, don’t get your undies up in a bunch about it. Not everybody is worried about searching google first and I m glad to help if I can.

The owners manual only refers to “Range” in the display, the message “Low RTE” is not shown in the manual. On what page was “Low RTE” found?

Just about every car sold today, though, makes it easy to change the displays between miles/km…yeah DTE definitely would’ve made more sense…probably still wouldn’t stop posts like this from coming through from people that don’t want to look in their owners manual for answers, though