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2016 Jeep Renegade - No A/C Line Pressure

no pressure from a/c compressor have replaced compressor and still show no pressure on gauges. Is this a common problem ?

Is it possible you have no refrigerant in the system?

Did you refill the A/C system when you change compressors?

Opening the system up to change compressors, drained all the refrigerant out of the system, if there was any in it to begin with.

You may have just needed a re-charge, not a new compressor.

Yeah I vacuumed system recharged with required amount of freon. Had same problem with compressure I replaced. That’s the reason for replacement. Compressor spins but no pressure. My gauges read 0.

If there was no pressure, the low pressure cutoff switch wouldn’t let the compressor engage.

I’m thinking defective gauge.

I thought of that also. I replaced gauges and manifold set with new set. 230.00. Has friend bring his but still same readings. This has new refrigerant 1234YA new fittings and hoses. Have never seen compressor run with no freon before. But here it is. Shaking my head.