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2016 Honda HR-V - Fluid change or no

Does the differential lubricant need changing after 16,000 miles? I had the oil changed and the dealer said I needed it done. Nothing in owners manual suggests this. He said it is lighter fluid.

Ask him to show you where Honda is requiring that.

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Seems like low mileage for this change. Outside of mileage, was any other reasoning given? I would lean to not changing right now.

It’s seems to be standard operating procedure for dealer service departments to suggest extra service. I don’t really understand why they do that, particularly with Hondas that have the Maintenance Minder feature. My local Honda dealer suggested the fuel injection service last time I was in, and I think overall they’re good people, not a den of thieves.

And if you read many posts on this board, many posters think there is some nefarious reasoning for the long service intervals on some items.

No wonder car owners are confused about “regular maintenance.”

When maintenance is due, the Maintenance Minder indicator comes on and a
message appears on the display every time you turn the vehicle on. Press the select/
reset knob to change displays.
maintenance menu-maintenance sub menu. owners manual walks you thru it

Could this be the Zippo addition, hence ‘lighter fluid’?

I change my differential fluid every 30k miles, and I see no reason to change it more often than that interval.