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2016 honda civic tire issue

I just recently got brakes put on but when they were put on the person did not check to make sure the lug nuts were tight and I drove home that way and half way home I noticed a sound and that everything was okay until I realized that it is probably my tires are loose so I got back home and noticed I was leaking fluid. I don’t know what to do because I think its break fluid, any suggestions or ideas about what I could potentially fix?

This has to be a troll.

Wheel loose, leaking brakes after a brake service…

I’d fix your choice of mechanics and have this car towed to a better shop. It isn’t safe to drive if you, yourself can’t fix the leak and make sure the loose wheel is tight and hasn’t damaged something.


This isn’t a troll its just really bad luck the person was a friend and he said he could do it for 200 dollars if I bought the parts. So do I just cut my losses on the parts I bought? That really sucks I would waste 1000 dollars on parts.

Your friend can bring his tools to you and fix his mistakes. Next time, go to a regular shop for important work like this.

You have a spare tire and lug wrench? Can you tighten your lugnuts?

Trying to save money like this could result in the ultimate loss, your life or another’s.

To go is optional, stopping is not.