2016 GMC Canyon - Infotainment gone wild

For about the past week my 2016 Canyon main display has been having a mind of it’s own. Switching views, looks like it is trying to program new things or move them around all on it’s own. Today it wouldn’t even react to touch for a while but after changing the radio from the steering wheel buttons it worked. In addition the changeable display in front of steering wheel tends to change formats when the other starts acting up. I assume this is a wiring issue but may be something more??

I seriously doubt this is a wiring issue. The wiring in your truck is a whole lot more durable than the electronic devices attached to the wiring. Not the first post we’ve seen about GM radios and displays. Might be best to visit a dealer to see what they can diagnose and what it they recommend as a repair. If too expensive, might make sense to replace the entire head unit with an aftermarket one.

It’s possible that there could be a software update that the dealership could download.
Why not ask?

Can you do a factory reset? Most units have a tiny button somewhere that need to be pushed when you turn the key to the “on” position.