2016 Ford Ranger - How long to change oil?

Should the oil and filter change be less than 10 minutes in duration in a 3.2 ltr diesal engine

In a quick lube franchise, yes. But I would not use one. Much better to have your regular mechanic do it. Once a vehicle is on the lift, doesn’t take long to drain the oil and change the filter

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I’d say no. I can’t change the oil in my car in 10 min.
Approach car in driveway. Change oil. Walk away. <10min? Start to finish? Nope.

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No idea how long it should take.

We have never seen a 2016 Ford Ranger here in the states, and we haven’t seen a diesel in a Ranger since about 1986.

@Arfa Why are you asking this question and where are you located ? Those facts might get you some real answers .

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If your shop takes 10 minutes, then that’s how long they take. Probably everything is ok, provided the oil actually looks like it has been changed.

I’m a driveway diy’er, and for me this job usually takes about an hour. Warm the engine up, open the drain and let it drip while I check & lube & clean other stuff. After about 45 minutes and the dripping has mostly stopped, and new oil filter installed, then I refill with fresh oil. I think my way makes more sense as more of the old oil is removed, but there’s more than one way to do it. I should add I hold the forum record for taking the most time to rebuild a carburetor. It took me 90 minutes just to replace a gasket on my lawnmower the other day.

If you’re asking about simply the process of removing the drain plug, letting the oil drain, and then removing and installing a new filter, certainly, that part of the service can and should be done in less than 10 minutes.