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2016 Ford Fusion - Lease almost up, but

I lease a 2016 Ford Fusion. I’ve brought it into the dealership 3x because the dash has gone completely black for @ 15 seconds on and off - I’m not sure if outside lights are working when this happens. Happens in stop and go traffic. First time the dealership said my battery fluids were low and topped them off, next time they replaced alternator, third time they said replacement alternator was faulty and gave me another new one. Dash went black again this morning. It’s scary when it happens. What’s really wrong? Can I get out of my lease early (ends this December)?

You are asking in the wrong place . Only the leasing company can answer that . The other thing is try a different dealer for your problem or contact the corporate number in your manual.

If you plan to lease or buy another Ford I’d say your chances are pretty good. If not, you only have a two month problem :slight_smile:

Well it’s probably a bad circuit board, ground, etc. but is hard to find when it doesn’t do it all the time. Just live with it until trade in time. There are many ways though to check to see if your lights are while driving and might want to just check now to make sure they aren’t affected. I can’t imagine they go out with the dash. At any rate you can look at the reflection in store windows as you drive by, look at the bumpers or grills of the cars behind you, likewise ahead of you, check the back side of sign for light reflection, etc. and of course just stop the car and go look.

This sort of problem is tough to figure out, and the dealer probably gets very little from the manufacturer for diagnosis under the warranty. They simply throw parts at it. The odds of this having anything to do with the alternator are very, very low. @Bing is probably close that it’s a bad circuit board or poor ground, but those things are a nightmare to work on. The dealer is pretending to help you, patting you on the head like a completely uninterested school administrator, and hoping you’ll go away or get fed up and lease a different car from them. I wouldn’t. They don’t respect you.

IF, only if, you want to lease a new Ford, Ford leasing may forgive the last 3 months of the lease payments. You could take the car to Carmax, and get their offer to buy it in 30 minutes or so. It’s somewhat of a long shot, but they might offer enough to cover the lease buy out. Call Ford Red Carpet lease for your current buy out. Carmax will do all of the paperwork.
Selling a leased car to an individual can be a pain. My SIL wants to sell a Honda 6 months prior to lease termination. She has a buyer and the blank forms from Honda leasing. He dealer said, " we will do it; for $799!"