2016 Ford Explorer Sport - nothing but trouble

2nd time the turbos have blown, 1st at 41,000 and 2nd at 109k…AC system went at 97,000…hood paint is bubbling and peeling…gunk of $60,000 crap!! Anyone else enjoying this crap!?

Turbo engines (all brands) in general do tend to be a little more problematic from the posts we get here. The turbo unit is very sensitive to the oil lubrication system, so don’t defer oil and filter changes and always use an oil and filter recommended by Ford. Common sense says to do the oil and filter changes more often than recommended with turbo engines. The paint problem may be associated with the all-aluminum construction. there’s a customer interest tsb to address this problem that you should be familiar with: 16-002B. Next time suggest to choose the non-turbo option.

Exactly why I won’t buy a car with turbos in it . Just an expensive piece that will eventually break .