2016 Ford Escape - Is it diff fluid?

I own a 2016 Ford Escape, AWD Titanium model. I now have 101k miles on it. Love my Escape!

Last fall, I heard grinding from the rear. I took it into the Ford Dealer as the brakes were original to the car. After the brakes were replaced, my husband noticed dark black liquid on the garage floor. I took the car back to the dealer three times, with them saying they didn’t see anything abnormal, but the vent tube was leaking/having the dark black goo bubbling out. Their only solution was to tear into the rear differential. Without knowing for sure what the problem was. Recently, my husband noted more black goo on the garage floor. I took my baby into a local, independent mechanic who is stumped. And found the rear differential fluid low (he added more). He indicated this is a known issue with the Escapes, but that Ford hasn’t issued a “fix”. I know Ford issued a TSB. Thoughts?

I would have your indy mechanic drain and refill the diff; black goo means it’s overdue for a change.
Change it again in a couple thousand miles and it should look more like oil.
Try to place a pan under the vehicle to catch the drips.
Get the level checked periodically and get a idea of how fast the level is dropping.
For now, manage the problem inexpensively.
Postpone the expensive option of diff overhaul/replacement.

I wonder what the TSB says…exactly. I can’t believe Ford hasn’t come up with a fix for a differential that pukes the gear oil out of the vent tube since 2016…?

Here is a TSB for the AWD Escape, but it is for a leak at the transfer case and involves seal replacement. It is definitely the rear differential that is leaking on yours, though, correct?

Good ideas above. Another, in repairing the rear brakes a hydraulic line (or wheel cylinder if drum brakes) has sprung a little leak. Suggest to monitor the brake fluid level, likely a plastic bottle in the engine compartment. In any event the rear differential fluid has to be correct, so it is good you’ve found that problem.