2016 Ford E150 - Bad lugs

2016 Ford F150 After the third tire rotation we were advised that the all of our Lug Nuts had to be replaced! They were swelling due to constant rain in our area. Apparently they were made of cheap metal alloys. This cost us 212.32 at our Local Ford Dealership. We will be contacting Ford Corporate offices to complain. There have been several other customers who own this vehicle who had to do the same thing. This is a manufacturers defect.

Another case of swollen lug nuts. You didn’t have to pay $212 for another set of the same. You could have spend a fraction of that on better lug nuts.

You can contact Ford all you like. It is a waste of your time and theirs. They are well aware of it as well as GM, Chrysler and other manufacturers that use the exact same design of lug nut. If you have this design, you live in a state that salts their roads, expect to replace them again in another 3-4 years.

Happy Motoring!