2016 Corolla AC Problem


I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla L.

The AC blows cold but every now and then it doesn’t blow nearly as hard then you will hear a burst of air and it will be at full blast This is when it is on 4 the coldest setting and Max AC. That is what I usually have it set on.

If it stops blowing as hard I turn it off and back on and after 1 or 2 tries it normally comes back on full blast.

However today it stopped blowing as hard so I did the turn it off and back on and nothing was coming out at all heat or AC.

Finally it kicked back in after switching it off and on 5 or 6 times.

What is going out here? The blower? If so is it easy to access to replace?

what are you turning on and off? the fan speed? or the a/c itself on and off?
does the fan speed slow down? or does the fan motor stay the same speed but the air coming out is not as strong?

Yes when I turn the fan speed from the highest at 4 to off (zero) and back on to 4 the highest setting the it begins blowing strong.

This normally is the remedy but it should be necessary of course so whatever is wrong this corrected it up until now but today it just wasn’t blowing anything no matter what I did and finally kicked back on.

The heat would not blow out today either but finally I got the fan seped to kcik back on at full blast

there might be something wrong with the control panel itself making intermittent contact.

I am not a mechanic but my gut is telling me you have a bad fan switch or fan motor. I’ve had similar experiences with old box fans and usually it was the motor.

I vote for the blower motor. It’s easy to access only if you don’t mind working with your head on the floor and your feet on top of the seatback.

The temperature control unit, also called the AC amplifier assembly may be failing.

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Forgot to mention and noticed this more. When it dies down and there is barely any force behind the air I do hear a change in noise. It sounds like the fan is making a noise. Almost like if you stuck a stick in a box fan and let it touch the fan as it went around. So that is making me think it might be the fan?

Yes, it could be debris in the fan. But a good chance the motor is going bad.

This is what a bad fan motor sounded like on my 99 Corolla. Like a mad kitty!

I am revisiting this issue. It has kept working for several months. But today nothing…I also tried heat with nothing coming out.

I am looking at replacing the ac blower motor as it looks very simple.

But I was wondering would this cause the heat to not come out as well?

Is it i the same blower for the hot air and if not what else would be the cause if it is not the blower motor.

A couple of easy things to check. Make sure the car’s hvac air filter is installed properly and clean, and the AC drain pipe is open.

Yes, the blower motor is for both heat and AC.