2016 Chevrolet Trax smells hot

My 2016 Chevy Trax smells hot. No lights have come on but it smells hot.

What does the coolant temperature gauge read?

The Trax does not have a temp gauge. Just smells hot.

Put a big fan on it while parked. :wink:

But seriously…take it to a mechanic who can measure the coolant temperature for sure. There may also be a coolant leak that you’re smelling.

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We checked the coolant level. It was 2" low. Add and today after about 3 miles 1 " low. Going to add again and going to dealer Thursday! Thanks

Another hot spot with a smell is an overheating brake. Walk around after a drive and feel the heat off each wheel near its brake (but don’t touch the rotor!). The 2 fronts should feel the same and the 2 rears the same, cooler than the fronts.