2016 Chevrolet Traverse -

Why would transmission fluid be changed at 90,199 and then again just 2 weeks later at 90,836 in the same vehicle? Is that potentially a serious problem?

Could you clarify why this was done . Did you approve both changes ? Was a shop trying to solve a transmission problem ? Could it be that you are looking at a Carfax report for a vehicle you are thinking of buying ?


Yes I am looking at a Chevy Traverse and the carfax for it shows the 2 transmission fluid changes 2 weeks apart. I really like the vehicle and price but this transmission fluid change concerns me as if they were trying to fix a noise or something.

Then only the place that did the fluid changes can tell you why if was done . Of course the Carfax could be wrong .

Ok. I appreciate your time and your response!

I just called the shop and they said the traverse had a shudder so they tried changing the fluid. That seemed to help but the shudder cam back (not as bad but still a shudder) so they tried changing the fluid again and then traded the vehicle in. The first trans fluid change they said it was like engine oil it was so dark. The mechanic was very helpful and again, I appreciate your comment about the shop being the ones to speak with.

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That would concern me too. It might be innocent. For example, I took my Corolla in for an oil change and the shop told me a plastic gizmo that holds the oil filter in place was broken and they would get the part in and do another oil change the following week and only charge for the part. But that’s the exception and frankly, I’d keep looking.

If it was that dark stay away from it . Even at 90000 miles it should not be very dark . .Transmission fluid should be still be fairly clear even at 90000 miles if everything is working right. Dark fluid usually means it has been overheated . I would stay away .

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Wow! Ok. Thanks for the info!

Another vote to pass on this vehicle.


Yup, I agree with a pass.

Now there are other legit reasons to do 2 transmission fluid changes around 1k miles apart…If you drop the pan and refill, you won’t get all of the fluid out, so generally, (particularly DIY folks) will do that, then repeat it once or twice to get as much of the old fluid replaced as they can.

But given how dark they said the fluid was…