2016 Chevrolet Impala - Odd feeling after stop

When i stop my 2016 chevy impala LTZ feels like something like a hard shift follows i have no engine light on or nothing .

We need a little more info to help you.
Does it feel like it is in the transmission like a hard down shift? or somewhere else in the vehicle?
If it is in the tranny, do you come to a complete stop and then you feel it? or just before you stop? like the tranny is slipping and then catching again?
if it is somewhere else, is it a bang, a clunk, metal sound, ect?
what area is the sound or feeling coming from?
the more info you give the better of a chance someone here can help you.

Yes a hard down shift .

The more i drive the hard down shift happens.

Yes a hard down shift .

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Downshift Solenoid | YourMechanic Advice

So do the transmission has to be dropped for that and do it cost alot to have it done?

You should bring it to a reliable transmission shop. it is possible the solenoid is just stuck and can be freed by changing the fluid.
Or your problem can be caused by something other than what I posted above. the shop will be able to check for tranny codes and would be able to tell you what the problem is more than I can from here.
please post back when it is fixed. it might help others in the future.

Ok thanks . I am in Dallas Tx. does anyone know a reliable shop to go to?