2016 Chevrolet Equinox - It wasn't a loose cap

Engine light started coming on a few months ago. We could tighten the gas cap and it would go off for a while and then later it would come back on. Now it just stays on. I service the car regularly. It is a 2016 with about 58,000 miles. It starts and runs fine.

Get the code reader and report the codes to us.

gas cap might be bad try replacing it. but post codes as oldnotdeadyet said and we might be able to help you better.

Thanks. Where do I get a code reader?

You don’t need a code reader if you are in the US as most Autozone stores will read them for free .

If tightening the gas cap seemed to help, that could mean the computer is detecting a leak in the fuel evap system. The gas cap seal is part of that. Take a look at the rubber seal on the underside of the gas cap. Is it is good condition? If it’s cracked or broken you definitely need a new gas cap. If the seal seems intact, you can try cleaning it, then applying a thin film of motor oil to effect a better air-tight seal . Might work.

Try replacing the gas cap.

It won’t break the bank.


Tried that earlier today. Sometimes it takes a while to turn it off.

Thanks for the info.

As will O’Reilly, Advance Auto, and (probably) Napa.

P0013 & P0014 Codes read at local O’Reilly Auto Parts. He said it was a cam shaft timing sensor.

P0013 or P0014 Equinox after an oil change — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice | Automotive Repair Tips and How-To

P0013 P0014 — Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice | Automotive Repair Tips and How-To

That part is usually associated with the variable valve timing function. Something of fairly recent vintage that car designers use to offer both good mpg and good performance. The downside, it’s a complex mechanism. That function in particular is very sensitive to the engine oil. The common advice here for problems w/that function is to make sure the oil level is correct, change the oil & filter more frequently, and to make sure to use the correct oil, exactly as spec’d by the manufacturer. Note: You particular problem may have nothing to do w/all that, and an associated part has failed and needs to be replaced. An experienced mechanic would be happy to make that determination for you.

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Appreciate your advice.