2016 Cadillac SRX - Soot

Car has 28,000 miles and the inside of the tail pipes has black soot
what could be causing that?

A high ratio of city driving to highway driving. If your check engine light is not on, forget about it. If it is on, get it diagnosed.


Maybe it burns a little oil?
AFAICT it’s not GDI, which makes soot.

Modern fuel injected engines make a surprising amount of soot. If your oil consumption is normal I wouldn’t worry about it.

Your SRX has the 3.6L LFX V6. It has direct injection. Direct injected engines often leave particulate deposits on the tailpipes. It’s normal and isn’t reason for concern.

cars with cats burn hotter but you would say all cars have black sooty pipes.
so all cars have an issue?
or all cars are ok?
its when other cars do not have a black tail pipe that makes you wonder

My 2006 Toyota Matrix had not a trace of soot; bare bright metal in the pipe.
First time I’d seen that.