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2016 Buick Encore - Foghorn

I own a 2016 Buick Encore with a chronic braking problem. The first time I drive it in the morning, then brake, is makes a fog horn sound. Doesn’t happen again all day long. It’s been in to the dealer 3 times, they can “reproduce” the sound and they can NEVER fix it. I googled this problem and it seems to be well known by GMC dealers and they can’t fix it. When it rains, the groaning can go on all day, every time I touch the brakes. I’m told by the dealer to “live with it,” Not acceptable solution to me. I want them to buy the car back and then I’d go elsewhere to buy a similar car. Your thoughts?

Brake noise. Annoying but not dangerous. You likely won’t get them to buy it back for this.