2016 Acura ILX - Braking issue related to bumps

My 2016 Acura ILX has a different braking problem than the acceleration problems others have identified. My braking problem only occurs when I apply the brakes to go over bumps. The brake pedal goes all the way down with a grind while braking over the smallest of bumps or dips in the road with brake applied. If i dont nearly completly stop to do over a speed bump or to pull into a driveway (gas station etc.) the pedal goes all the way down, grinds, and kicks back. It feels awful on the foot. It feels like the brake pedal goes through the floor board and that it hits the concrete road underneath it. I was told to use compressed air to blow out any debris on rotors and pads. I even replaced the pads and bled the air out of my brake system. Same issue arises. It only happens while going over and bumps or dips while moving at all, no other stops of any kind. If I find a solution I will post it. If anyone else has this problem, I’d like to know that too.

it sounds a little like the ABS is kicking on. do you have any warning lights?


I don’t get an ABS light, but I will be getting a good Autel Bi-Directional scan tool tomorrow. I’ll hook it up to my car and see what I can find there. Knowing that I have this going on, I try not to be on the pedal as I go over something I know will cause it by slowing down enough to coast over it, but I just feel like I shouldn’t have to. Thanks for the tip though. It gives me something to look into.

Sounds to me like the ABS is cycling, also. I’d suggest you find a deserted stretch of dirt or gravel road, drive to 25-30 mph and stomp on the brake pedal as hard as you can. You should feel a similar feel and hear a bit of a grinding noise… THAT is the ABS keeping your tires from skidding. If they are the same, that at least tells you where to start.

Now WHY the ABS is kicking in is another issue to be solved.

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The struts may be worn.

If the struts can’t hold the tires to the road, the tires can float over bumps where the brakes lock up causing the ABS to engage.

ABS prevents the tires from locking up by releasing the brake pressure.


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I have traction control, it lights up when the dirt roads where I live are either overly sandy or wet after rain, if I go to fast. Being front wheel drive the traction loss is up front and at reasonable times, but your reply gives me something else to look into, thank you. I’ll head out on a stretch of pavement with scan tool recording live data or freeze frame just looking at ABS and suspension if possible. I might even give it another air bleed, JIC I still have air in the lines from last time.

There’s no air in the brake system.


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I ended up getting 3 codes with diagnostic tool related to this issue.

2-System: ABS/TCS/VSA Codes
83-11 (PCM(PGM-FI) Malfunction) Permanent DTC
61-11 Modulator-control unit power source circuit (IG) low voltage Permanent DTC

1-System: EPSCode
85-01 VSA System Malfunction Permanent DTC
which is related to the first two and should clear (or not return) once the first 2 are resolved.

This is a little over my head initially, but a little help and research might take care of this. I will be using the car to run errands in a few and will do the road test recommendation above.

something to check out.


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