2015 Volkswagen Passat - Just sits there

A 2015 VW passat that runs well, but once in a while when I step on the accelorator it feels like the gas doesn’t get thru and the car just sits there. Very frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Any suggestions?

It would be helpful to know what engine, transmission type, mileage, and are there any warning lights showing on the dash.

Also… what do you mean by… “the car just sits there” ? Describe a bit more fully exactly what i happening and under what conditions - cold, hot, just ran to the store, first thing in the day… stuff like that.

Along with what Mustangman said, what are tou seeing on your tachometer, are your RPMs going up but the car is not accelerating?

Yea , it’s a 2015 VW passat, TSI SE, 4 cylinder, automatic, with 54,700 miles. As for the “just sits there”, I mean it’s usually happens with a hot engine and when I step on the accelorator the car does not respond. I have to take the foot off the gas and restep on the gas for the car to respond. No warning lights on the dash come on. When I mentioned it to the VW mechanic he said that’s the way the turbo charged engines work. He said there is “usually a hesitation”. But that doesn’t sound right to me. And I can’t duplicate the problem when I take the car in. Just took the car in for the 50K mileage service in july, but it has happened before the service as well. Thanks in advance.


Take the mechanic along with you on a ride with his scanner hooked to the car. Show him what is happening.

If you press the acclerator and the rpms don’t rise when the car doesn’t move, that is a problem between the gas pedal and the engine computer to the engine itself. If the rpm rises and the car doesn’t move, that is more likely a transmission problem.

Show the mechanic what is happening because he clearly does not understand whatnis happening based on your description. And frankly, I don’t either. But I’d get a clue if I experienced it myself. Good Luck

Ok, thanks.